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  • BBK Direct SA At a Glance

    BBK Direct SA At a Glance

    BBK Direct SA is a company with the ethos to supply and distribute some of the most innovative and trend setting products to the construction, renovation and interior design supply industries. We believe any product we introduce to the SA market should solve problems, problems like.. lack of customer product choice & availability, lack and cost of skilled labour, high overheads and low profit margins with the added duty to disrupt monopolised industry sectors with better product alternatives and innovative out of the box thinking, technologies and procedures.

    BBK Direct SA is dedicated to supply, distribute and support these products and services with our renowned UK standards in terms of customer service, product marketing support, before and after sales services, in-house product training, home deliveries, installation services, free product samples and lots more.

    All of the above is achievable due to our companies 12+ Years in the UK/European home improvement industry with our founding company BBK Direct UK, however it is now available to the South African trade, retailers and stockists alike in the form of BBK Direct SA.

    Better Products | Better Industry | Better Living

    To learn more about our company ethos, where we started, what we have to offer and to learn more about BBK Direct SA view the About Us Page. 

    • BBK Direct SA For The Public, DIY & Tradesman

      BBK Direct SA For The Public, DIY  & Tradesman

      Even though BBK Direct SA is for the retailers and stockists of South Africa in terms of supplying and distributing our innovative, problem solving and proven products, we are also on the other hand the product developers, importers and even manufacturer of our currently available and future coming products, some of which we have been trading with for over 12 years internationally, and only now introduced by us to the SA public. So with this mentioned we know just how important our product consumers/users truly are.

      With this in mind and on the forefront as motivation of our exceptional service delivery and support, we have set up dedicated manufacturer/product sites and support teams that are product experts ready to help you determine exactly what you need for your project, weather a simple home renovation or a complete new build, you can rest assured that the easiest part of your project, will be accruing our products.

      View our newly launched product Wolfstone Solid Acrylic Surfaces today – Cheaper and simply just a better alternative to granite and quartz countertops/surfaces.

      Wolfstone Solid Acrylic Surfaces | Better Surface | Better Industry | Better Living

      Visit The Wolfstone Website Here

    • BBK Direct SA For Stockists & Retailers

      BBK Direct SA For Stockists & Retailers

      Just like we want our products to be easier, cheaper and hassle free for the end user, so to do we want this to be the reality for our stockists and retailers alike. With our unrivalled product marketing and sales support, free customer samples, reliable & timely delivery with well packaged and protected products we are 100% convinced that public and trade satisfaction will lead to far more possibilities and growth within the industry and even allow access to market sectors currently not accessible to all.   

      So why do we put so much effort into supporting end product users weather public and trade?

      Our products are the most innovative, problem solving and disruptive home improvement products to enter South Africa in over 15 years and all are trialled, tested and proven in the world’s most competitive international markets. Now even as impressive as that sounds, it brings allot of responsibilities for us as the manufacturer and distributor of these products, from creating demand to supporting that demand with international standards in product expertise and pre sales assistance and numerus others. All responsibilities are meticulously under taken for the sole purpose of generating more sales of well-informed clients for our stockists and retailers, letting your sales staff make more hassle free sales.  

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